Fourplex Lottery works like this: every ten years, the City would put ten balls numbered 0 through 9 into a lottery machine. One ball is chosen. If the last number in your address matches that ball, your property is automatically re-zoned so that you can build a fourplex.

Justification: every neighborhood needs to help with the “burden” of increasing density to fight additional sprawl. This is a “shared sacrifice” that’s fair to every block. These new fourplexes will tend to be more affordable than other residences in the area. In many cases, they will provide an option for empty nest neighbors who want to reduce hassle, upkeep and carbon footprint— but want to stay in the neighborhood.

(Photo grabbed from Wikimedia Commons. More of Ian Poellet’s work can be found here. No endorsement of a Fourplex Lottery should be inferred.)

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